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We’re all about staying up to date on the latest trends, and it seems like these dog breeds will be the most popular in 2022! Do you share your home with any of these fur babies?

 Here are the 5 dog breeds that it made to the top of the popularity list in 2022.

Labrador Retriever

This dog is fiercely loyal and can have a black, chocolate, or yellow coat. This breed is outgoing, intelligent, even tempered, kind, agile, trusting, and very gentle. Perfect as a family pet!

French Bulldog

The French Bulldog (aka Bouledogue Français) is known to be a toy dog or companion dog that is both bright and playful. Its alert demeanor pairs well with its sociable and affectionate character to make it such an awesome pet.

German Shepherd

This medium-to-large-sized breed can weigh anywhere between 22 kg (female) and 40 kg (male). It is a stubborn yet very loyal and intelligent breed of dog that is watchful and courageous.

Golden Retriever

As cute and friendly as they get, this breed is medium-sized and offers its kind and reliable demeanor generously.

Siberian Husky

Super intelligent and outgoing, yet also gentle and friendly, this breed weighs between 16 kg (females) and 27 kg (male) and is the perfect cute addition to any household.

Did your pooch make the list? We believe that all breeds, even mixed breeds and dogs from unknown ancestry are the cutest to have around, anytime!


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