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The PawPots Family

At PawPots, we’re all about real, vet-approved pet food, made fresh in a licensed kitchen.

Our meals feature human-grade ingredients and are crafted with complete and balanced recipes following international standards.

Own a PawPots

Franchise with PawPots?

A Simple Investment

Franchising with PawPots means joining a family
that is passionate about keeping pets healthy while
improving their life expectancy and lifestyle through
quality nutrition.

When you invest in PawPots, you will benefit from these distinctive advantages:
  • Unique franchising concept
  • Low initial franchise fees & capital investment
  • Short ROI period
  • Subscription-based revenue model
  • Online health tech services
  • A growing market with low competition
  • Low direct competition
  • Flexible requirements for facility location
  • Simple to operate & Efficient operations

Available Markets

PawPots is on a journey of expansion into
markets around the region
You can be a part of this!

Keep in mind, the sky is the limit!
With PawPots, you can franchise from anywhere around the world!

Training & Support

The PawPots Team offers continuous support to our franchisers
through different means of training and assistance.
We offer:

operational and
management training

Assistance in choosing
and negotiating leases

Location layout and
assistance in setup

Guidance and support in
the pre-launch of the

On-site support during

Continuous guidance and
support post-opening

On-going research and
development to ensure business
growth and sustainability

Introduction of new and
innovative products and

The Investment

Investing in PawPots isn’t just an investment in a winning business model, but also an investment in a group of team players who all care about your success as a franchiser.
Your investment will make you a part of the gang that’s revolutionizing pet health and nutrition and put you on the fast track to top tier results.


Franchise Fee

per 1M pet population




Net Worth

You Shouldn’t be the only one eating


You Shouldn’t be the only one eating


Franchise Process

We’ve worked out a clear and seamless system that facilitates the franchise
process for both our franchisers and our team.

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Join the
PawPots Team!

Give Back The Love!

Join One of the Fastest-Growing Brands on the Market

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