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lebanon's pet-friendly beaches for a perfect day under the sun

With a rise in pet ownership and an increased interest in outdoor activities suitable for our furry friends, Lebanon has seen a wonderful trend: more beaches allow pets to enjoy the sun and surf just as much as their humans. Let's explore five of the best pet-friendly beaches in Lebanon, where you can take your furry friends.  

1. The Canine Haven of Byblos

Byblos, a city that has swept in history, isn't just for history buffs and foodies; it's a paradise for pets too. The public beaches (next to Edde Sands and under Jbeil’s Souk - “Bahsa”) offer a shore where dogs can roam freely. The crystal-clear waters are perfect for dogs who enjoy swimming, and the beach is equipped with amenities such as water stations and waste disposal bags, ensuring a hassle-free experience for pet owners. 

2. The Relaxing Shores of Batroun: Colonel Reef & Joining Beach