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pet-friendly coffee shops in lebanon: enjoy sipping and socializing with your furry friend

Exploring the city with your pet can be such a joy, especially when you find places where your four-legged buddy is as welcome as you are! However, bringing your pet along to public spots requires some preparation. Be sure that your pet is comfortable around strangers and other animals, keeps noise to a minimum, and stays on a leash to ensure a pleasant outing for everyone. With that in mind, let's take a closer look at five of the most pet-friendly coffee shops in Lebanon where you and your companion can bond over good vibes and great coffee!


Nestled in Beirut, BHive buzzes with creativity and tech-forward thinking. As the first coffee shop globally to incorporate NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) through @thebhivenft, BHive is not only innovative but welcoming to pets. They even accept cryptocurrency payments, setting them apart as a forward-thinking, trendy space where you can work, network, and sip. Your furry friend will feel right at home among the community-oriented crowd, buzzing with inspiration.

Haven the Cabin

Looking for a green, serene escape from the bustling city? Haven the Cabin is your go-to place! This rustic yet chic coffee shop, sunset bar, and laid-back atmosphere. They encourage bringing pets along, provided they're on a leash. Pour yourself a fresh cup of coffee or grab a cool drink and relax with your furry friend while you enjoy the chill space and breathtaking sunset views. 


In the lively heart of Gemmayzeh, you'll find Sip Lebanon. This coffee shop is housed in an unmistakable pink building, offering premium specialty coffee to visitors. Here, you'll experience the rich aromas and flavors of their expertly crafted brews, while your pup can bask in the friendly energy. Bring your pet along to mingle with other canine companions and soak up the vibrant city vibes.