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Bailey’s Tale

The transition to a new healthy lifestyle

Bailey’s mother rejected him and his siblings shortly after their birth. When we heard that the dog owner was going to “get rid” of the puppies, they immediately adopted him. It was the easiest decision to take.

With time, we realized how much we were going to struggle with him. He had a lot of health problems; he had a huge bump on his neck that we had to remove, he had allergies and bumps on his skin. He used to eat everything from the street; from metal, to wood…to cat poop. In general, he had health, behavioral, food intake, and digestive problems: he used to poop 10 times a day even though he eats once and he has no control over his bladder sometimes (which caused a lot of “accidents” in the house).

We changed his food many times. We tried to cook for him as well, and we used to take him to the vet every time we noticed something. All of this costed us a lot of money we didn’t have due to the financial crisis, but we had to provide it cause after all Bailey is our baby.

We struggled until one day one of our friends told us about PawPots. Our friend has a 17-year-old dog with health issues and he told us how PawPots enhanced his dog’s health and behavior. Knowing that it’s cooked food, we had to see what it was because we used to cook for Bailey as well, but it wasn’t working, so there must be something right that you were doing!

Starting PawPots, the transition was very smooth and we could directly see the change in him. He’s a much happier dog now, healthier and full of energy. We don’t find him in excruciating pain every time he poops. And no more accidents in the house. It enhanced the quality and the timing of his poop and pees to 2 times per day! This led to a change in his behavior and his health is so much better.

We have the perfect portion size for him. He finishes everything. Before that, we had to give him 450g as instructed on the dry food bag. He never used to finish them so we had to run around after him to finish it, even though he was still hungry. Now after eating his meal he joins my mom, his nap buddy after lunch, with a smile on his face, being full and satisfied.

He now recognizes the sound of the bag and is 15 minutes early to meal time, dancing around the kitchen and watching every step of mealtime. He hoovers his bowl, licks it clean, goes and comes back several times to make sure there’s nothing left.

What we like the most about PawPots is that when you look at it you feel like eating it. It doesn’t smell, it doesn’t stink, it’s all the ingredients that we eat, and there’s nothing disgusting about it. There’s no waste, the portion is exactly what Bailey needs, not more or less. Clean packaging.

PawPots brought us ease of mind. We are happy and Bailey is happy. No more throwing money on vet visits and on food that isn’t good for him. We rate it 10/10!

Give Back The Love

Show your love to your pets with our high-quality, delicious and healthy meals!
Give Back The Love

Show your love to your pets with our high-
quality, delicious and healthy meals!